Inside Story - Body Guard Training Camp

23 Jul Security firms to cash in protecting China's 'New Silk Road' For new recruits to this bodyguard boot camp, taking part in intense physical workouts – sometimes involving giant rings of heavy duty rubber SCMP Top Stories. 9 Jan Female and male trainees during a bodyguard-training program at the boot camp of Genghis Security Academy in Beijing on Aug. 21,

17 Nov Elite armed bodyguards are being trained at a secret location in Northern Ireland in the run-up to the London Olympics to keep athletes. 22 Feb Hollywood's Bodyguards: Inside the World of Celebrity Security Detail go to bodyguard boot camp where they learn how to deal with stalkers, manage in the epic romance thriller, "The Bodyguard" -- the story about a. 19 May But North Korea employs a secretive bodyguard group, the Supreme If considered, the guard then looks into the boy's family history, making Once chosen, new guards are taken to training camp where they will In addition to protecting Kim Jong Un and his family, the guards have a wide array of skills.

23 Feb But not all "close protection specialists" need to be the size of a professional wrestler. . people with no formal training who should not be in the industry,” he says. “At the summer camp I work at, I've had the pleasure of fishing dead things out . Though there have been stories of rogue ice cream vendors.

7 Mar Barack Obama surrounded by bodyguards in detail – much earlier than any other presidential candidate in American history. "The secret service would want to take the president to Camp David straight after the.

24 Apr Alleged former bodyguard of Osama bin Laden 'living on German training camp in Afghanistan where he became a bodyguard for bin Laden.

7 Nov To train to be a body guard in North Korea, you have to be able to as the country's leader talked to CNN about what boot camp was like.